Leading Tour Operators Discover Rural Tourism in Georgia

Representatives of the major travel agencies of Georgia have visited the villages of Tsagveri and Daba in Borjomi Gorge to learn about the newest opportunities for rural tourism.

Six new touristic trails, reaching 100km in total, refurbished and hospitable guesthouses, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, hand-made souvenir shops are just a few of the things tour operators can now offer visitors to Borjomi Gorge, located in South-Central Georgia.

With the forest re-growth and developing rural communities, Borjomi Gorge is fast discovering new ways for sustainable and successful growth.

Along with the renovated infrastructure, tour operators also met with local farmers and discussed the benefits and prospects of rural tourism.

Since 2012 the UNDP has been working in Borjomi Gorge to restore the unique forest, damaged during the conflict in 2008, and promote sustainable livelihoods in the region with focus on tourism and bio-farming.

Three agro cooperatives have been established in Tsagveri so far: a new Veterinary Center and Lab to accommodate the needs of the local farmers. A Biological Farming Association ‘Elkana’.

Finally four guesthouses have undergone a major renovation, including refurbishment of the premises, new services for tourists and retraining for all staff and management.

An Informational tour was organized by non-governmental organizations Elkana and Green Valley with assistance from the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) and the Government of Finland.

Photo: Borjomi Gorge/UNDP

14 October 2015 16:31