1878 of Chateau Mukhrani is More than a Restaurant...

More than Wine! This is how I familiarized myself with Chateau Mukhrani a few years ago. Afterwards, the charm of the first impression attracts me even more and fills me with warm memories of the place. Although there are many magnificent places in Georgia, Chateau Mukhrani is still different. What makes it distinguished, you ask? It’s incomparable with its unique climate and amazing forest-park. The name Mukhrani valley comes from the Georgian word for oak, and the whole territory is as strong as the roots of an oak. The historical glory and gravity have clearly remained. Right after entering the fenced area, you feel the power of the Mukhranbatoni magnet and pass into a different time zone.

Chateau Mukhrani, implemented in 1876, is the first Georgian chateau, preserving a unique concept that was acquired during the visit to France of Ivane Mukhranbatoni, representative of the Bagrationi dynasty. The Ivane Mukhranbatoni Castle has been returned to its renowned beauty and former appearance in recent years. Also, gradually the Mukhrani products have been reintroduced and now represent a blend of traditional and modern technologies.

Those who have at least once visited this land will agree that the wine here is truly more than just wine, with its glorious and harmonious aroma and exquisiteness. The legend says that all important issues of the country’s fate were discussed here, that each feast was a celebration of arts. The photo archives show that the society that gathered here had distinguished intellect and education.. There was a time when big Ilia and Akaki, Platon Ioseliani and many renowned public figures visited the place. Historical sources suggest that the Mukhranian wine, meals and hospitality proved the rich taste and generosity of Mukhranbatoni. Look how “tastefully” the 133-years-old feast is described: ‘Silk baghdads, clay jugs, horns, jars, Kakhetian bread and lavash (Georgian bread)... abundant and various pilaf, different types of mushroom with eggs, pears... roast asparagus, fish of several species and cooked varyingly. Food made of Matsoni, whipped sour milk and so on and so on.”

The wine cellar is one of the most prominent places of the four main wealths of Chateau Mukhrani. Receiving guests according to the old Georgian traditions is a real honor indeed. This is a restored Georgian historical monument, a resurrected epoch; it is caring for the names of our ancestors. What a responsibility to keep everything that is real and royal at the same time. The name too has been chosen elegantly: Royal Marani, the walls of which have witnessed numerous interesting stories since 1878.Not to talk too long, and as they say it is better to taste once than read a hundred times, so head out of Tbilisi towards Mtskheta and in as little as 25 minutes enter 19th century Mukhrani. Feel the harmonious blend of historic roots with the contemporary in the cozy interior of the restaurant. The royal wine and the service of international standards creates a remarkable blend, which makes Chateau Mukhrani a place that will excite and equally fascinate both Georgian and foreign guests alike.

Mako Jaoshvili for Rest-orator magazine

20 August 2015 19:59