Inventory & Study Work Begins in 10 Tusheti Citadels

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili announced at Thursday's government meeting that inventory and study works are about to begin in 10 citadels in the Tusheti region.

According to the Head of the Government, some of Tusheti’s most ancient buildings are either damaged or on the verge of destruction.

“At the initial stage, monuments will be inventoried and documented, followed by the planning of their full rehabilitation,” he said. “We are launching a rehabilitation-related study in 10 castle villages of Tusheti. You all know how valuable for Georgia Tusheti is, with its historical and ethnographic heritage and uniqueness. Unfortunately, a number of Tusheti’s ancient structures are damaged or on the verge of destruction.”

He noted that the Tusheti “cultural monuments” have not been studied since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Works are to begin in: Dzveli Diklo, Dzveli Girevi, Chontio, Hegho, Ageurta, Tzaro, Kvavlo, Parsma, Dakiurta, and Indurta, among the most ancient villages in Georgia.

“At the initial stage, we will allocate 400,000 GEL for this work. It is commendable that students will be involved in the project. Summer is around the corner, and this is when these works will be carried out,” the PM said. “Based on this study and, of course, using modern professional approaches, these most ancient and important monuments will be rehabilitated,” Kvirikashvili emphasized.

03 May 2018 19:26