Georgia Ranked 4th in StrategEast Westernization Index 2018

Georgia has taken 4th place among 14 post-Soviet countries in terms of "Westernization."

The research was conducted by the American strategic center for political and diplomatic solutions - Stategeast.

In the latest Westernization Index 2018, the organization’s work is focused on the 14 former Soviet states outside of Russia. This post-Soviet, non-Russia (PSNR) region includes: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Georgia is ranked 4th with 62 points out of a total 100, preceded by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Moldova and Ukraine follow Georgia with 56 and 54 points respectively.

Tajikistan (19.5 points) and Turkmenistan (17.5 points) were named the least pro-Western countries among the 14 post-Soviet states.

The Index is based on five key areas: 1. Political Westernization. 2. Economic Westernization. 3. Legal Westernization. 4. Language and cultural Westernization. 5. Westernization of lifestyle.

StrategEast created the research product with two goals: to help the nations of the PSNR better address the shared challenges they face in the process of re-building their states and institutions since the collapse of the Soviet Union and to draw attention to an important but geopolitically fragile region in a way that helps the international community better support its development.

By Thea Morrison

08 May 2018 10:28