With the Support of “Siemens” Georgian Electrical Engineering Company “Insta” Expands its Production

On May 15 th 2015 exhibition Center “Expo Georgia” hosted an event, during which one of the largest German companies Siemens and Georgian Electrical Engineering Company Insta held a joint presentation on medium voltage switchgear. Representatives of Siemens were among the visitors to Georgia who talked about the medium voltage switchgear, whereupon the presentation of the local partner companies and local products followed. Main focus of the presentation was the cooperation between Siemens and Insta on this topic, leading to the development of a new partnership. At the Presentation, Insta in details showcased a medium voltage switchgear test model equipped with Siemens components and its functions. Founded 17 years ago, Insta has become one of the most successful companies in the Georgian market. The company specializes in design and installation of electrical, telecommunication and fire alarm systems, providing also industrial and building automation concepts, programming, commissioning and proper maintenance service. Insta team is comprised of dedicated professionals - a total of 100 qualified and certified employees, performing works in compliance with European standards and technologies. Siemens and Insta collaboration in terms of technological and energy infrastructure development could be beneficial for the country. Insta constantly shares partner companies experience in order to provide innovative and quality products for its customers.

23 May 2015 12:49