Kuwaiti Press about Russo-Georgian War

The Kuwaiti press reports about the seventh anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008.

According to InterPressNews Georgia, The Georgian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that some leading media organizations echo the exhibition prepared by the Georgian Embassy in the state of Kuwait.

“The Georgian government considers it a decisive factor for the international community’s assistance in regulating the processes and urges foreign governments, as well as UN member states to strengthen their efforts towards Russia within the framework of International Law norms to meet its obligations” reports the article published in the newspaper Kuwait Times.

Reportedly, other publications such as Alanda, Alqabas, Al-Seyassah, Aljazira, Alrai, and „Alnahar” also write about the topic. As it is known, the Georgian Embassy in the state of Kuwait organized an exhibition as well as a press conference to inform the local media about the war and permanent breaches of the Ceasefire Agreement by The Russian Federation.

At the same time, the Georgian Ambassador in the country, Roland Beridze emphasized Russia’s continued creeping occupation and annexation policy in Georgia. In addition, the event included a presentation of quarterly reports about the human rights conditions in the occupied regions of Georgia.

22 August 2015 13:40