WORLD BULLETIN: Georgia Seeks to Join NATO Despite Russian Reservations

The World Bulletin News has published an article concerning Georgia’s western ambitions, reviewing different efforts the country has undergone in recent years.

“Seven years have passed since the 2008 Russia-Georgia War, and the Georgians are still seeking a normalization process and de-escalation in tension with Russia” – the article begins.

“In a recent interview with Anadolu Agency to mark the seventh anniversary of the 2008 Russia-Georgia War and the 22nd anniversary of the 1992-93 War in Abkhazia, Georgian Ambassador to Turkey Irakli Koplatadze said that his country's main foreign policy agenda was now to join the NATO alliance”.

According to the publication, NATO membership remains a top priority for Georgia’s foreign and security policy agenda.

“We are optimistic that the Warsaw NATO Summit [in 2016] will positively evaluate the homework done by Georgian side within the substantive package granted to Georgia at the 2014 Wales Summit," – the Georgian Ambassador cites. The article also discusses Georgia-Turkey relations and some occupation topics, among others.

25 August 2015 11:42