Georgian Music and Drama Theatre to Perform at the Festival in Bucharest

The Georgian Music and Drama State Theatre is gearing up to perform among the best theatres in Europe at the international festival in Bucharest, Romania.

Tbilisi’s Vaso Abashidze’s Music and Drama State Theatre will perform a Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by David Doiashvili at the New European Theatre Action (NETA) International Festival, which will start on the 28th August and will run until 4th September in Bucharest.

The NETA International Festival brings together various productions of theatres from 10 NETA member countries under the theme “Theater, hero of our times”.

For 8 days, some of the most representative theatre productions from NETA member theatres will be seen on the stages of the National Bucharest Theatre (TBN), according to the organizers.

There will be national and international productions, comedy, drama and dance-theatre, classical as well as contemporary plays, collective creations and individual shows. All productions will feature the most modern stage-managers’ visions that will present a variety of extremely up-to-date ranges of issues, national influences and express a universal human imprint.

Tbilisi’s Vaso Abashidze’s Music and Drama State Theatre was founded in 1926. The idea of establishing a musical comedy theatre belonged to Vaso Abashidze, a Georgian theatre actor and founder of the realistic acting tradition in Georgia.

From 1927 the well-known Georgian film and theatre director Mikheil Chiaureli was the artistic director of the theatre. The best Georgian stage designers, musicians and actors were working in the theatre for years.

Since taking up the post of artistic director in 2005, young director David Doiashvili has built up a completely new repertoire and revived the theatre as a production house, since 2005 the Theatre has participated in Festivals in Edinburgh, Jerusalem, Croatia, and Munich.

In 2010 in Croatia at the International Festival of Small Scale performance their portrayal of “Macbeth” received 9 awards in several nominations.

NETA is the biggest theatre association of this format in Europe, bringing together 67 members (national theatres, companies and festivals) from 19 European countries and is set to expand its activity beyond Europe in the near future.

The theatre festival is organized by the National Theatre I. L. Caragiale of Bucharest, NETA (New European Network) – through the Creative European program.

26 August 2015 16:51