Ali and Nino Monument in Batumi Damaged During Relocation

The sculpture of ‘Nino’ of the famous ‘Ali and Nino’ monument, situated in Batumi, has been damaged while being relocated.

According to eye witnesses, a cable was severed during the relocation and several wings of the sculpture were damaged.

Batumi Boulevard Administration Director Giorgi Zirakishvili said the damage is minor.

“I spoke with the head of the company, who told me that it will be restored within a week and everything will be all right,” he added.

The monument, created by Tamar Kvesitadze, was installed in Batumi in 2011. Internet sources said Batumi Boulevard administration took the decision to move the monument to a different place after a recent storm damaged its foundation.

“According to an experts’ report, it was impossible to reinforce that part of the seashore and therefore it was necessary to relocate the monument,” Zirakishvili said.

27 August 2015 21:23