Public Defender: Government Has No Clear Strategy for Disabled

Georgia’s Public Defender’s office has issued a statement, which claims that the Government does not have a clear strategy on how to provide adequate support to disabled people.

“Individuals with disabilities, who were under state care in their childhood, have to leave institutions after reaching a certain age without any preparation for independent living. The state does not offer them adequate support, leaving many homeless and in serious danger, are unable to fully enjoy fundamental human rights and freedoms,” the statement reads.

As the document further explained, in some cases national regulations control the issue, though in most cases they are not sufficiently implemented. Therefore, the Public Defender has addressed the Government with several key recommendations.

These recommendations include providing legislative regulation for supporting measures, developing a strategy and an action plan, creating different specific programs promoting independent living of persons with disabilities, creating mechanisms for effective implementation, improving cooperation and coordination between the state agencies and to ensuring effective spending of budget assignments allocated to the ministries for enacting various support efforts for independent living of persons with disabilities.

29 August 2015 11:17