Number of Georgian Asylum Seekers Decreased in Germany

Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees reports that the number of Georgian asylum seekers significantly decreased in Germany.

The statistics of 2018 read that in January 745 applications were filed by Georgia in Germany, while in February there were only 595, March 490, April -350 and May – 221.

In addition, the May 2018 statistics are less than May of last year. Last year, 240 applications from asylum-seekers were submitted in Germany in the relevant service.

In addition, according to May data, Georgia is no longer in the top 10 of asylum seeker countries.

According to a five-month report, only two Georgian individuals received asylum in Germany.

In April, Germany announced plans to put Georgia on the list of safe countries, from which no asylum applications will be accepted. Safe country status means Germany does not consider anyone in the country to be persecuted for political reasons.

By Thea Morrison

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04 July 2018 10:10