"Georgia Represents Space for Cooperation between Europe and Asia"

The President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, was unable to attend the annual Ambassadorial meeting in Tbilisi, opening today, for health reasons. His administrations released a statement he was expected to read during the introductory speeches.

The statement says that Georgia has a historical mission to become a European state as it represents a space for cooperation between Europe and Asia.

“This is an important geopolitical function, development of which requires diplomatic efforts. The world is searching for a new order now, and it even more clearly demonstrates the challenges that we face today and will face in the near future. We must correctly assess the situation and must act as per our strategy, which is based not only on responses to facts but on prediction of future scenarios” - the statement reads.

According to the President “a lot has been done in this direction in just a single year. "The NATO summit in Wales, the Association Agreement ratification and activation, significant progress in the visa liberalisation process- this is an incomplete list of the steps which has contributed to our country’s development, but the Euro-Atlantic integration process is needed even more in order to strengthen and deepen our relations with all countries".

Finally Margvelashvili expressed his belief that diplomats will hold a particular importance to Georgia’s most important topics throughout the Ambassadorial. The president emphasised the main issues for the country are bilateral and multilateral international cooperation and development, problems concerning territorial integrity and de-occupation. 

02 September 2015 16:04