Davit Dundua: Creeping Annexation on the Occupied Territories Overshadowed

Davit Dundua, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister, said at the annual Ambassadorial of 2015 that the creeping annexation on the occupied territories of Georgia have been slightly overshadowed by the Ukrainian events adding Georgia did its best to provide the international community with objective information in a timely fashion.

"For this purpose we employed tribunes of all relevant international organizations and different forums. Consequently, an unprecedented large number of countries and organizations condemned the so-called agreements and artificial barriers” – Dundua emphasized. “Since January 2015 the Foreign Ministry has prepared two quarterly reports on the situation of human rights on the occupied territories in order to provide regular information to the international community," – the Deputy Minister continued.

According to him, the Georgian government continues working on warranting adequate and timely response to the coming impulses. He added the Non-recognition Policy (NrP) remains a significant line in the foreign issues. 

The annual Ambassadorial 2015 opened in Tbilisi yesterday, involving representatives of the government and diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia. The forum involved two newly appointed Ministers of Foreign Affair as well as Economy and Sustainable Development.

Photo: Davit Dundua, Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister, pictured in Austria this year.

03 September 2015 13:34