Two Georgian Words Used on Good Mythical Morning

There are words in the world which do not have analog or direct translation in English. One of this word is Georgian Shemomedjamo- that literally means that I means accidentally eat whoe thing.

Famous and popular talk show Good Mythical Morning and it staff, which has funny music videos, sketches and ridiculous local commercials on You Toube have gathered to collect 14 words from all over the world, which English language needs but doesn’t have, among them are two Georgian words.

These are Shemomedjamo and Zeg.

Rhett & Link explain the meanings of the words in the video on YouTube.

“Just let us introduce some words you need to know. Good Mythical Morning Episode 222!"” says the description in the video.

Watch the video here.
Nina Ioseliani
03 September 2015 19:47