Georgian Language Banned from Gali Schools

Classes in Georgian language have been officially excluded from the schools of Gali district, the occupied territory of Abkhazia, reports say.

According to the information, since September 1st, this year, no Georgians living in the area have access to Georgian education, which plays a vital role in the process of reintegration. The schools seem to be guided by the Moscow resolution, which envisages Georgian language to be taught as a foreign language, only one hour per week.

Local populace says the decision has been made without their participation accusing Georgian authorities of disregard.

“Decisions such as this one are made without us. We do not have rights, since we are under the occupants’ influence. The Georgian authorities must resolve this issue. They must inform the international organizations of it”.

[They] believe Georgian language is something that had been preserved for 22 years of occupation, however was destroyed by the occupants today. “The government met this fact with silence. We call on them to protest against it. However, we do not have a government that wants to get Abkhazia back,” – they emphasize.

03 September 2015 21:43