Living The Final As If You Were In The Football Stadium

Yesterday, at 7 pm (Georgian Time), the 2018 World Cup Final between France and Croatia took place in Moscow. But for those who could not go to the Russian capital city, a large screen was installed at Taramashvili street, 13 in Saburtalo. In the central area, between two roads, there were 2 bleachers in front of the screen, that could accommodate hundreds of people. Behind, 4 stands allowed anyone to buy a quick meal and a beer, to be the posterchild of the true supporter. Right side in tents, everyone could pick either the shirt of France or the one of Croatia. The place was really lively and make-up workers dressed the face of children as adults.

At 6 pm, the French ambassador, Pascal Meunier came to greet supporters. At 6.20 pm, dancers rehearsed choreography. At 6.40 pm, 2 organizers started the questions game. They ask a question about sport and the one who has the answer could win small soccer balls.

At 7 pm, the match started. The atmosphere was enjoying. People shouting, crying, and playing the long plastic, trumpet-shaped vuvuzela. Suspense has been palpable all the first-half. Croatia did its best, but after 98 minutes of play, France won. It is the second World Cup trophy for the French team since the tournament was held in the nation back in 1998.

At the end of the day, people lived the final as if they were in Moscow.

By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: Antoine Dewaest

16 July 2018 10:57