POLITICO: Eka Zguladze the Talent from Tbilisi

The online publication Politico.eu has dedicated an extended article to Eka Zguladze, the former Georgian official currently working as Deputy Minister of Ukraine. 

“Everyone calls her “Eka,” and not merely because “Ekaterine Zguladze” is a helluva mouthful. The diminutive reflects the popular esteem in which Eka is held, as well as a certain giddy affection for this 37-year-old Georgian — a slender woman from Tbilisi in a sea of stolid Slavic men — who is the deputy minister for internal affairs of Ukraine, tasked with reforming its very corrupt and still palpably Soviet police force” the article says of the young Georgian technocrat. 

It states that Eka performed the Great Police Reform Trick when, at the incredibly young age of 27, she was appointed Deputy Interior Minister in the Georgian government under Mikheil Saakashvili. 

“Currently she is one of a host of high-profile Georgians- among them Saakashvili himself, as governor of Odessa- at work in Ukraine on the invitation of President Petro Poroshenko” the article concludes.

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04 September 2015 12:58