Norwegian Foreign Minister: Georgia is a Significant Partner for Norway

The Norwegian Foreign Minister has arrived in Tbilisi on his official visit. He is attending the annual Ambassadorial, which opened on September 3rd, and has made several announcements.

The Minister, Børge Brende, stated that constructive relations with Russia are important, however that does not mean Russia can forget about the fundamental rules of international law that are followed by the rest of the civilised world.

Assessing Russian actions in Ukraine he stated that “such impacts should not take place in the 21st century.” He emphasised that “It is not only about the conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine but also about the world’s challenges and threats.”

The minister said Norway remain loyal towards Georgia and the Georgian people stating “I am sure that in 10-15 years Georgia will become a very prosperous and successful country.”

The Norwegian diplomat stressed the importance of the forthcoming NATO Warsaw Summit in 2016 stating “for the coming summit, we will unwaveringly protect the line that Georgia must become a NATO member.”

Finally he concluded by saying that Georgia is a significant partner for Norway and that he hopes to expand that partnership saying “I wish implementation of reforms, democracy and development to Georgia and we want to be your partner in this endeavour.” 

05 September 2015 15:57