Tbilisi State University Boosted in the World University Ranking List

Tbilisi State University has improved its position in the World University Ranking system and has become a leading higher education institution in the Caucasus region.

Yesterday on TSU’s website, announced that in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, the largest academic ranking of higher education institutions, TSU has raised its position to 830 among the 24’000 universities in the world. It has also gone from 714 to 349 in the ranking of universities in Europe.

“In March 2015 when the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities published the survey data from the websites of two structural components of the University-International School of Economics (ISET) and High-Energy Physics research Institute did not consider a ranking for the university. After the mistake was corrected the ranking status of the TSU has improved,” the website said.

A total of 24’000 higher education institutions were surveyed in the latest ranking. Each university was ranked according to a number of different factors including impact, presence, openness and excellence.

TSU was the first university to open in the Caucasus region, opening 97 years ago. It paved the way for European-type higher education in Georgia, still being based in Georgian educational traditions.

The National University in the Caucasus, as it was known then, officially opened January 26th 1918- the day commemorating King David the Builder (February 8th according to the new style calendar.)

The idea of establishing a foundation university first emerged in the early 19th century amid the intensifying struggle to liberate from the Russian Empire.

In 1989 Tbilisi State University was named after its founder, Ivane Javakhishvili, a Georgian historian and a linguist whose huge number of works influenced the modern scholarship on the history of Georgia. He was also one of the founding fathers of TSU in 1918 and its rector from 1919 to 1926.

Today TSU provides higher education to more than 20’000 local and international students. It offers a wide variety of degree programs at all levels as well as short courses offered in English to attract students from all over the world.

07 September 2015 13:59