Foreign Ministry: Agreement Between Abkhazia and Venezuela Illegal

The Georgian Foreign Ministry (MFA) has released a statement regarding the possible signature of the so-called “visa free agreement” between Venezuela and the Abkhaz separatist regime.

"In September 2009, as a result of the Russian Federation’s pressure, Venezuela acknowledged the so-called “independence” of Georgia’s occupied regions, thus grossly violating the fundamental principles of the international law and infringing Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity" - the statement says.

"Therefore, any agreement signed between Caracas and Sokhumi, whether be it opening of the “Abkhazian embassy” in Venezuela, or appointment of the “ambassador of Venezuela in Abkhazia” and presenting copies of credentials, or introduction of the so-called “visa free regime”, will be illegal ab initio and in compliance with the international law will produce no legal consequences" - the MFA concludes.

According to the MFA, regretfully, Venezuela, following the Russian Federation, continues to grossly violate the norms of the international law and disregards Georgia’s territorial integrity.

08 September 2015 14:27