Writers Visit Georgian Villages to Promote Literature

Dozens of Georgian writers are coming together as part of the Live Book campaign to promote the reading of literature in Georgia’s regions.

The campaign is an initiative from the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia, which aims to maintain reading and literacy in Georgia’s regions.

As part of the campaign 75 modern writers are visiting remote regions of Georgia to meet with local communities in schools, libraries and other places for public gatherings.

From September 8th-11th a group of five writers are visiting the mountainous region, Pshav-Khevsureti, which is often called an Extraordinary Land. The group of five well-known Georgian writers; Giga Nakhutsrishvili, Mikho Mosulishvili, Nato Ingorokva, Keti Dolize and Manon Buliskeria, are visiting the remote region of Georgia and are going to hold poetry readings and discussions with local audiences.

People will have a chance to meet their favourite author and to ask questions about creative issues. The writers are also meeting with honoured guests and elderly people in different regions of Georgia, as well as people with disabilities, military personnel and penitentiaries based in Georgia. Live Books is also going to visit regions of Georgia with a large number of ethnic minorities.

“[Georgia’s] publishing sector will be actively involved in this project. They will manage local book fairs and writers will sell books. They will promote their books, as well as books of their colleagues,” a representative of the Ministry of Culture said.

After visiting the regions and talking to local people, each participating writer will note down their impressions in a diary.

At the end of the project a book entitled Writer’s Diary will be published.

Tamar Svanidze

09 September 2015 15:46