Georgia's Prime Minister: "Georgia is a Silkroad 'Shortcut' from China to Europe"

During his official visit to China, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, has published a letter to the local newspaper 'China Daily'.

In his letter, Garibashvili emphasises the importance of friendly relationships between China and Georgia to strengthen the connection between China and Europe that passes naturally through Tbilisi.

“The Georgian government is proud of its increasingly close ties with China. In recent years, trade and foreign direct investment from China has grown substantially.

In 2014, China was our third-largest source of foreign direct investment” Garibashvili said. In his article, Garibashvili has announced that on October 15 and 16, Georgia will host senior government officials, economists, international financial institutions, and nearly 300 Chinese business leaders at the inaugural Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi.

The event is designed to strengthen cooperation and investment along the new Silk Road and demonstrate the unique opportunities offered by Georgia to businesses around the world.

“I strongly believe that the sustainable development of Eurasia will largely depend upon strengthening channels of communication and trade across this vast area,” he said.

“Connectivity across the Eurasian landmass needs a doorway through which China and Europe can connect. Working together, China and Georgia can ensure that the new Silk Road becomes a true force for positive economic growth, trade and cooperation,” Garibashvili emphasized.

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Photo by Yang Xiaowen / provided to

10 September 2015 16:08