Former Georgian Diplomats Release Statement

Former Ambassadors of Georgia have established a Diplomats' Club and release their first statement concerning the situation in the country. They believe that the government focuses on the economy at the expense of reduction of political and diplomatic activities.

"We, former Ambassadors, decided to create the Diplomats' Club, as it is accepted in many countries, given the following reasons: Realising that foreign relations are of decisive importance for further development of the country, we would like to permanently inform society of our vision based on our long diplomatic and political experience” – the statement says. 

According to the statement, this is a rule of any democratic society. “The current situation and its socio-political development carry worrying signs and threaten the country's co-existence with the democratic world.”

The newly-founded club assesses frequent and inadequate replacement of people in charge of foreign affairs as neither good nor tragic – ‘but only if we do not take the previous and the next contexts into a view’.

“The departure of the first foreign minister of the new political force was scandalous, the appointment of the next one also scandalous and she was replaced quickly as well. Appointment of a new minister is strange for at least two reasons - he, in fact, not familiar with the diplomatic corps system and his appointment sends a message to foreign diplomatic partners that economy has taken precedence in the political model,” – the diplomats say.

The club believes that the diplomatic system of Georgia is being degraded. [They] express their concern over mentioning the word “Eurasia” by the Foreign Minister, which is mainly a characteristic of Putin’s vocabulary. 

10 September 2015 17:36