HRS Extends Operations to Czech Republic and Slovakia

HRS – Hospitality and Retail Systems – the leading provider of IT-solutions for hospitality and retail in Central Europe, Baltic States, Russia, CIS and Mongolia, has announced expansion of its operations into the Czech Republic and Slovakia via the acquisition of a local company, the leading vendor of hospitality and retail IT-solutions with 30 years of experience and serving in excess of 300 customers in both Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For over 25 years, HRS has successfully assisted customers in acquiring competitive advantages through the utilization of innovative Hospitality IT solutions. HRS currently serves in excess of 1700 clients in 16 countries located across 10 time zones. After the expansion, HRS now operates in 18 countries and serves more than 2000 customers and will continue to offer its customers the most advanced IT solutions for hospitality and retail.

The success of HRS is based upon an individual approach and special attention paid to the quality of implementation and support services provided by its strong team of professionals with industry background. With a wide network of offices across its territory the HRS help desk ensures that all support requests are handled in a timely and professional manner 24/7.

Working in a multi-national environment for many years, HRS gained huge expertise in systems localization, development of local specifics and support of local legislation.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide local ownership and management using the best of the breed IT systems for efficient management of hospitality and retail operations, allowing us to increase sales, gain control, cut costs and increase guest services. We welcome local businesses to benefit from our 25 years’ experience in the field,” said Joanne Vaughan, the Chief Executive of HRS.

About HRS: HRS – Hospitality & Retail Systems – is an international company and market leader in IT for the hospitality and retail industries in Central Europe, Baltic States, Russia, CIS and Mongolia. For over 25 years HRS has provided innovative management solutions for hotel and restaurant industries, retail, stadiums, spas and fitness clubs. HRS services includes pre-project analysis, hardware and software supply, strategic business consulting, platform implementation and integration, staff training & consultation, round the clock technical support and service to customers.

Georgia Today interviewed CEO Joanne Vaughan for the September 3rd edition of Georgia Today. Check out that interview online by typing ‘HRS’ into the search bar on

10 September 2015 21:09