Kazakh B-Boy Wins Eastern European Final Held in Georgia

Killa Kolya, a B-Boy from Kazakhstan, won the Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe Final held in Georgia on September 5. During a tense battle with his Ukrainian opponent Robin, Killa Kolya proved himself worthy to be among the world’s best which will be presented at the World Final in Rome on November 14, making him the pioneer of his country represented on the global stage.

“When I arrived in Tbilisi the only thought I had was about winning,” he said after the event. “Two years ago I lost my battle in the second round. So I was looking forward to the day where I could try again,” he continued.

It must be noted that both finalists came from widely different and respected B-Boy styles, but it was Killa Kolya who stood bravely during the almost two hour non-stop event. “The final was great,” said judge Lilou, a two-time Red Bull BC One world champion. “I could not even imagine that the level of the participants would be so high,” he continued.

The competition brought 15 B-boys and a B-Girl from 14 different countries to demonstrate his/her best moves, rhythm and creative style to impress the panel of judges. Georgian breaker B-Boy Pioneer, who introduced the country to this dancing style and won first place two times in a row at BC One Caucasus Final, made it to the semi-final but lost against Killa Kolya. Unfortunately, Red Bull BC One’s first-ever female Cypher Champion Queen Mary lost her chance after the first round.

Tbilisi has been the center of Caucasus B-Boying since 2011, when the first Red Bull BC One All Stars tour and first Red Bull BC One Cypher took place in the city.

The packed-in audience at Tbilisi Circus also got to enjoy the performances of Sukhishvilebi Georgian National Ballet and Egari national folk music band in collaboration with BMX flatland pro rider Vicki Gomez from Spain.

Since its inception in 2004, Red Bull BC One has become the premier B-Boy competition in the world, consistently attracting the best individual breakers. The event and community celebrates breaking culture by using its original one-on-one, knockout battle format, as opposed to the crew-battle style more prevalent today.

Baia Dzagnidze

10 September 2015 21:25