Tehran FNA: Georgia Gateway to Caucasus, Europe

Iranian Deputy Ambassador to Tblisi, Mohsen Kebriayi, called Georgia a proper corridor for Iran’s goods and energy exports to the Caucasus region as well as Europe, the Tehran’s Fars News Agency reported on Sunday.

“Iran can benefit from Georgia’s high capacity of transiting good and energy,” the report, published based on Kebriayi’s notions in a meeting with officials in Zanjan, says.

Kebriayi is said to be a supporter of the economic reformations made by the Georgian government in recent years, adding that “following Tehran’s nuclear agreement with the world’s six major powers on July 14th, trade delegations are commuting between the two countries in a bid to seize and set a proper groundwork for the expansion of bilateral ties.”

At the same time Georgian Prime Minister Iralki Garibashvili is expected to pay a visit to Iran within the next two months.

It is believed the initiatives followed the meeting in August between the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi and Georgian Vice-Speaker Gubaz Sanikidze in Tblisi which aimed at the further expansion of ties between the two countries. 

14 September 2015 13:36