Girchi’s Zurab Japaridze Places a Campaign Ad on Adult Website

Poltical party Girchi (Pinecone) posted a video on its Facebook page today from a news report by TV Pirveli, explaining a new marketing tactic by the often outrageous political party.

Zurab Japaridze, Girchi’s candidate for president, has posted a campaign ad on the popular adult website PornHub. The ad includes the hashtag #MoreSex (#მეტისექსი).

The caption on the TV Pirveli report on the Girchi Facebook page reads, "Obviously, the messages are political in nature. Our slogan is #MoreFreedom. #MoreSex is good, and more freedom is also good.” The advertisement features a cartoon man holding a ruler, and says, “We don’t promise to increase the size” – “it's a sort of irony, to promise to increase various things – pensions, social benefits, etc.,” says Japaridze, commenting on how other politicians make empty promises.

Japardize says he wanted to use PornHub as a platform because thousands of Georgians spend an average of eight minutes a day on the website. Girchi is a liberal party targeted mainly towards young, progressive Georgians. Its platform includes legalization of drugs, the abolishment of mandatory military service, and environmentally friendly policies.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Zurab Japaridze, Facebook

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