Youth from Occupied Gali Enrol in Georgian Universities

86 students from Abkhazia’s occupied region of Gali have been enrolled in various higher education institutions in Georgia this year- the Gali Resource Centre in Zugdidi reports.

Thanks to the de-facto government’s pressure and fear from the occupation forces on the ground, only a limited number of young people living in Gali (a region mainly populated by Georgians) are able to continue their education in accredited Georgian universities.

“The aim of Abkhazia’s separatist government is the young people stay there and continue their studies in Sukhumi University [Abkhazia’s State University] or in the Russian Federation. However, there are many children who want to continue studying in higher education institutions of Georgia,” Nona Shonia, head of the Gali Resource Centre in Zugdidi has said.

The young people who have been admitted to Georgian higher education institutions receive full tuition scholarships for their entire period of Bachelor’s studies. 

16 September 2015 12:14