Georgian Government Reports Achievements and Future Plans

On September 12, the Georgian Government presented a report to Parliament reviewing the government’s achievements and plans for the near future.

“The government has been actively working in terms of all priorities, such as strengthening Georgia’s security and sovereignty; de-occupation and restoration of territorial integrity; Euro-Atlantic integration; deepening strategic cooperation with the United States,” – the report says. 

According to the document, the non-recognition policy of Georgia has been successful: ‘no countries have [so far] recognized the independence of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region in 2015’. Moreover, the government emphasizes its continued discussion of the situation of occupied regions as well as the violation of the ceasefire agreement by Russia within the framework of the Geneva international negotiations and other partner-states. 

The report underscores that, thanks to Georgian diplomatic efforts, the number of supporters of the Resolution on Refugees has increased by six within the framework of the United Nations. At the same time, ‘‘the government of Georgia continues working in order to restore confidence between the populations separated by the war.’ 

European and Euro-Atlantic integration, considered one of the top priorities for Georgia throughout recent years, was particularly emphasized in the report, with a highlighted 24 countries having already ratified the Georgia-EU Association Agreement.

Along with other issues, the implementation of the NATO-Georgia substantial package [received at the NATO Wales Summit in September 2014], also got a mention: “as a result, the NATO-Georgia joint training and assessment center has been opened.” 

Likewise, the service of Georgian troops in international peace operations carried out under the NATO guidance is also included in the document which concludes that Georgia will continue fighting against international terrorism and organized crime. 

Importantly, the development of close political-economic relationships with Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia as well as Black and Caspian Sea regional and central Asian countries, are considered among the key priorities for Georgia which underlines the import of strategic partnership with the United States.

At the same time, while normalization of relations with the Russian Federation for de-occupation are considered a priority, recognition of the withdrawal of the occupied territories, facts of installation of barbed wires and permanent relocation of the so-called border demarcation signposts are not forgotten.

It is notable that the Georgian Government, after facing a stern reaction from the citizens of Georgia over the economic shock created in the country, has launched intensive negotiations with China to attract more investments.

The planned Silk Road Forum of Tbilisi in October this year is expected to stimulate new initiatives and deepen cooperation with China in terms of transport, energy, trade and human relations.

Steven Jones

17 September 2015 20:48