ProCredit Bank Offers Higher Interest Rates on Lari Term Deposits

In order to support and promote savings in the national currency, we have increased the interest rate on term deposits.

From September 9, for any term deposit opened in GEL, our customers will receive 1.5% more interest. This applies to both private individuals and legal entities.

We have increased the interest rate on term deposits up to a maximum of 9.25%. At the opening of a Savings Plan for the maximum term, 8.75% will accrue on it. ProCredit Bank is also offering improved conditions for its young savers with the maximum interest rate on Child Deposits now 9.25%.

ProCredit Bank has been promoting the development of a savings culture in Georgia for many years. We are actively working to communicate the importance and benefits of savings to the public. The bank hopes that the increased interest rates on term deposits will be an incentive for customers to save and earn more interest on their savings.

More detailed information about new interest rates on deposits is available on our website:

17 September 2015 20:56