Georgian PM Opens Frankfurt Book Fair

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, opened the Frankfurt Book Fair together with Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Jurgen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Georgia is this year's Guest of Honor.

Bakhtadze noted that it is an honor for Georgia to be the Guest of Honor at a book fair which boasta a history of 500 years.

“European society is well aware of the fundamental importance of the cultural legacy in the formation and development of the European identity. This is why such spaces were created with all their opportunities offered by the International Frankfurt Book Fair,” he said.

Throughout the year, Georgia has been exposing Germany to its full resources in literature, drama theater, music, paintings and drawings, cinema, folklore and other mediums. He also spoke about the uniqueness of the Georgian alphabet and its centuries-old culture and civilization.

“Georgians have an exceptional feeling of pride towards the Georgian alphabet, which is one of the oldest and most unique scripts in the world. This alphabet served as the basis of Georgian literature, which originated in the 5th century and has a 15 century-long history,” he added.

Bakhtadze spoke about the 12th century epic poem Knight in the Panther’s Skin, saying it nearly equals the Bible for Georgians.

“We have brought a new handwritten copy in an original embossed cover to the book fair. After being exhibited here, it will be ultimately deposited in the Arts Collection of the United Nations as a priceless and glorifying creation of the Georgian naiton,” he said.

Bakhtadze emphasized it is symbolic that Georgia is showcasing its literature and culture on the 100th Anniversary of the First Democratic Georgian Republic.

“It is our great honor to showcase Georgia in Germany - a country which was among the first to recognize the Democratic Republic of Georgia 100 years ago,” he said, adding Germany has stood by the side of Georgia at every stage of its development.

By Thea Morrison

10 October 2018 09:11