Ex-Mayor of Tbilisi Released from Prison

Gigi Ugulava has been released after 14 months of incarceration.

The City Court of Tbilisi yesterday night made the decision, based on the Constitutional Court’s verdict, which partially satisfied Ugulava’s complaint over the terms of the initial imprisonment. Ugulava’s imprisonment was extended for more than 9 months, which is considered a breach of the constitutional norm which prohibits imprisonment for a longer period than is allowed in the Constitution- 9 months.

Ex-President of the UNM, Mikheil Saakashvili, currently a Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa, wrote on his facebook page that Ugulava’s release from prison is the beginning of the end of Russia’s oligarchic regime.

“I welcome the fact that Gigi Ugulava, who is absolutely innocent, was released from prison. His 14-month imprisonment was absurd. This is the beginning of the end of the Russian Oligarch’s regime,” Saakashvili commented.

Ugulava himself believes that the UNM will win over the Georgian Dream coalition and ‘free the country from the current disaster.’

Ugulava has several more trials coming up, including those linked to TV Imedi and Rike territory alienation cases. 

18 September 2015 13:20