First Georgian Wrestling Arena Opens in Isani

In Tbilisi, the first Georgian Wrestling Arena opened in Isani. To mark its opening, a wrestling tournament was organized by the government of the Isani District with the support of the Georgian Wrestling Federation, called "Tbilisi Cup 2018." The event was attended by Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Ilia Eloshvili.

The arena is located on Gabriel Salosi Avenue. The multi-functional venue has 500 seats.

"The basis of the victory of our first great sports champions was elements of Georgian wrestling, thus they were able to gain world recognition for Georgian sports. The first Georgian wrestling arena was opened today, which has no analogues in Tbilisi. It is a great project to instill not only principles of healthy lifestyles and athleticism in young people, but also to show them our traditions," said Eloshvili.

Within the framework of the project, benches have been added to the square adjacent to the arena, and a decorative outdoor lighting system. In the square there are also many new green plants and children's attractions. Infrastructure in the arena and the square is fully adapted for people with disabilities.

The project cost 353,313 GEL, allocated from the Isani district budget.

Within the scope of the event, the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation organized a photo exhibition of historical archival materials related to Georgian wrestling, which was awarded the status of intangible cultural heritage in 2014.

Sportsmen in three weight categories participated in "Tbilisi Cup 2018". Winners of the tournament were awarded with diplomas, medals and vouchers.

The Isani District Governor, the President of the Tbilisi Wrestling Federation, and Sakrebulo and Parliament MPs attended the opening ceremony of the arena.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Tbilisi City Hall

23 October 2018 17:58