Joint Documents to be Signed between Russia and South Ossestia’s Separatist Government

The Russian Federation is reported to be signing nine joint documents with the marionette regime in South Ossetia (the Georgian Tskhinvali region) the Tass News Agency has reported. Deputy Head of the Russian Government, Alexander Khloponin, announced the notion at the opening of the 14th ‘Intergovernmental Session’ between Russia and so-called South Ossetia. The documents will be signed until the end of the year.

“Nine joint documents are planned to be signed within the framework of the treaty which are aimed at further development of our relations in social and economic fields,” Khloponin stated. The Russian representative also stated that “Russia remains South Ossetia’s main ally.”

The documents expected to be signed are supposedly within the framework of the so-called “Treaty on Liaison and Integration,” the agreement signed between Russia and the South Ossetia’s separatist regime several months ago. Abkhazia’s separatist regime has also joined a similar agreement with Russia, while the international community do not recognise the agreements, treating them as violations of International Law. 

23 September 2015 13:57