10 Little Known Facts About the Ex-Minister of Culture

Nika Rurua, the ex-Minister of Culture and founder of public movement “Iveria” this week revealed 10 facts about himself that most people had never heard before. Did you know...?

1. He is a qualified music teacher with a relevant degree.

2. While he lived in the US he worked as a labourer.

3. He is a degree-carrying film producer but, as yet, has not achieved success in this field.

4. Rurua was granted a Juris Doctorate from a US university.

5. He has been in a number of different episodes of popular Georgian shows “Iko Shashvi Mgalobeli”, “Udzinarta Mze” and “Garsavani”.

6. The former Culture Minister has met with a person who privately knew Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin.

7. Nika is the author of the initiative to remove Stalin’s statue from the Gori center. He was the first to announce the plan to the Georgian public.

8. He is an initiator in the opening of the Soviet Occupation Museum in Tbilisi.

9. He was awarded the “Gorgasali Award” for participating in the war of Abkhazia.

10. Nika Rurua lost his first child, Keti, who would have turned 20 years old this week. 

Translated and republished with the permission of Mr Rurua and venue.ge

25 September 2015 14:21