Feminism, Gayism, Drugism & All That Jazz


These are not just naïve innocuous terms describing regular human weaknesses. These are the woes that hurt Georgia’s future which absolutely and irrevocably depends on its multiplying for success. Everything else, including economic efforts, political endeavors and social labors makes no sense without nationwide demographic prosperity. OK, but what has feminism got to do with Georgia’s national exigencies and what’s so terribly wrong about it? a radical feminist might ask. The rest of humankind would answer that the worst part of feminism is the outrageous belligerency of gender warriors who want to weaken the family as such and eliminate marriage as the most convenient and productive union between Mars and Venus, letting their offspring grow and mature in bi-parental love and care.

The much-deliberated-on and talked-about equality of sexes and female social integration are tolerable ideas and even have the potential to give additional sense to a traditional male-female union in general, but hardly anybody knows how to handle in the meantime the nonstop filthy anti-family and anti-marriage propaganda promoted by feminists of the world. There is no doubt that women should not have to face discrimination neither in employment nor in educational opportunities, but how to quieten the loud-mouthed feminist truth-killers who say that a babysitter or daycare is better for children than their own biological moms? Everyone knows that rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence are intolerable vices of human society that have to be relentlessly fought and eliminated, but should we in the meantime be putting up with flagrant feminist idea that fathers and husbands make women’s worst enemies? Should we really believe that there are no innate sex differences in existence? How fair and civilized is it to arrive at the conclusion that kids no longer need motherly love because it is a myth that men have created, as some most celebrated feminists would say. Certainly, the radical egalitarian attitude will never admit that the world is clearly divided by gender and nothing can change the pattern unless a sexual Armageddon takes place. Tens of books are being written on the topic, trying to prove that a daycare-centered society is better than a mom-oriented civilization. In a word, feminists are on the assault and the rest of the globe is on the defensive, and controversy between them seems to be interminable.

I couldn’t care less, but when the feminist movement makes its way into the Georgian national reality, things become scary because the Georgian ethnicity and culture have no way to survive except through family, in which we have to see involved as many young men and women as possible. Again, nothing makes sense if we are not bodily here. Marriage, family and baby boom are the only builders of this nation’s future – not politics, not education, not arts, not technology and not economy! And the feminist stupor, in an accelerated fashion, is killing our chance to survive because its aim is to expunge from human memory values like family, marriage and maternal care. But the epidemic, called feminism, is definitely not the only killer of the joy. There are other pests that are curtailing our national survival opportunity, and those are drug addiction and the homosexual alternative to the physical life of the sexes. The Georgian people need rich and ripe posterity which cannot happen without an excessive number of childbirths, and kids are made, as we all know well, within a healthy familial environment with male-female participation, not with the help of gay partnership. So “gayism” is also the stopper of a demographic boom in Georgia.

I am an extremely tolerant man and a very reasonable citizen, but a baby boom for me is the most elevated worth in this country. I believe less in all the attributive values that are displayed around us.

And finally, drug addicts make lousy procreators, whereas Georgia needs to guarantee its future survival and development only based on the advent of a physically and mentally strong generation, which is practically impossible to achieve through drug-based marital couples.

It does not take a genius to happily conclude that the suggested discourse is extremely simplistic but unpopular, which does nothing to save the day. The day-saver is buried deeper in our national psyche within which the priorities are pathologically confused. I just wonder if our western friends and partners understand this.

Thank you for the precepts in democracy, human rights and fair elections; thank you for being so humanly tolerant towards feminists, homosexuals and drug fiends. But would you by any chance have some usable tips for your beloved Georgia on how to guarantee its physical survival? Yes, physical!

by Nugzar B. Ruhadze

31 January 2019 20:29