Statistics Show Crime on the Rise in Georgia

Statistics published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs have shown an increase in crime in Georgia

The figures released on 6 February show that the number of murders remained unchanged in 2018 compared to 2017. However, there has been an increase in crimes involving bodily harm (14.8%), human rights and freedom violations (23.2%) and crimes against property (8.1%). In particular, reported cases of domestic violence have increased by 122%. The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes this to be a result of increased public awareness and confidence in the police.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has pledged to publish crime statistics monthly, representing improved crime monitoring and government transparency. Until this year, they had not published crime statistics since 2016.

“The numbers not only determine the real crime state of the country,” reads a statement published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “it is important to take the content of registered crime, the practice of crime accounting, police performance indicators and other factors into consideration.”

However, some believe that the statistics reveal a crime hike in Georgia. European Georgia, an opposition party, released a statement condemning the ruling party Georgian Dream: “European Georgia believes that these alarming figures show one thing: the Georgian Dream government has let things slide.”

By Amy Jones

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12 February 2019 11:59