Electricity Supply to Be Restricted in Abkhazia

Abkahzia will endure an electricity limitation starting from today. The question had been lying around for over a year, after the release of World Experience for Georgia’s document in December 2017, exposing the issues caused by Abkhazia’s electricity supply.

The non-partisan organization stated in its analysis that Abkhazia’s electricity supply would result in increasing outflow of energy and finances and aggravate the situation in Georgian power system.

From February 20, the occupied region will no longer be supplied in electricity from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. This decision was made to avoid the complete stop of operation of Enguri HPP, according to a statement made by Chernomorenergo, the Republican Unitary Enterprise that moderates the Enguri hydropower plant.

The company responsible for the electricity distribution in Abkhazia was already planning to switch the damn off in a few weeks, in order to start a huge rehabilitation work for a duration of 3.5 months.

But the announce was made on their Facebook page that the water level in the dam lowered to 434m on February 19, and that the dam stops functioning when it lowers to 420m. To prevent the dam’s breakdown from happening, the restriction will be imposed until the power shortages are eliminated through electricity supply from Russia.

By Sophie Pouzeratte

Photo Source: Regional Administration of Mingrelia-Upper Svaneti

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20 February 2019 12:47