Definition of Sexual Harassment Reflected in Georgian Legislation

The definition of sexual harassment has been reflected in the Georgian legislation, which means that from now on it is considered a form of discrimination and is subjected to specific sanctions.

The relevant amendment to the law on "Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination" was adopted by the parliament with the third hearing on Tuesday.

The amendment reads that sexual harassment signifies making comments of a sexual nature, showing genitalia, or any verbal, non-verbal and other physical behavior of a sexual nature.

The changes also envisage regulating sexual harassment in the workplace. In addition, the definition of sexual harassment is to be written into the Labor Code, which reads that sexual abuse may be regarded as 'an undesirable behavior of a sexual nature aimed at infringing a person's dignity or creating a humiliating, hostile or insulting environment'.

Moreover, sexual harassment is subject to a fine of GEL 300, and if the offense is repeated within one year, the violator will be fined a further GEL 500 or given correctional works of up to one month.

Sexual harassment of a juvenile, pregnant woman, disabled person, or in the presence of a minor is subjected to a fine of GEL 500 to 800.

If the offense is repeated within one year, the fine will be GEL 800-1000, correctional works up to one month or an administrative punishment (imprisonment) of up to 10 days.

By Thea Morrison

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20 February 2019 11:02