The Independent: Former Soviet Bloc Nation now Movie-Making Hot Spot

British national newspaper the Independent has published an article on the development of the Georgian movie industry.

Author of the article, Kaleem Aftab, shared his impressions after he visited the fourth annual London Georgian Film Festival, which had been running from October 1st until today.

Aftab emphasized that Georgia has been producing several award-winning films within the past two years, replacing Romania as the country in the former Soviet Bloc that produces the most exciting films in the world.

The author highlighted several prize-winning modern Georgian movies; Oscar shortlisted wartime drama Tangerines by Zaza Urushadze, Corn Island, a near-silent work by George Ovashvili which won the top prize at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2014, In Bloom by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross and Blind Dates by Levan Koguashvili, a story of two forty-something men looking to escape through love.

“It took two decades after the formation of the independent state for Georgian cinema to find its voice again,” Aftab concluded.

07 October 2015 13:00