Georgian Hazelnut Hits American Market

Georgian hazelnut processing company, Georgian Product Renaissance, expands its export. Export countries are the Netherlands, Canada, China and, as of recently, the United States.

Georgian Product Renaissance produces packaged nuts Bonuts. The company receives raw material from local farmers, after which the hazelnut quality is checked and subsequently processed. On the local market, their products can be found anywhere from supermarkets to hotels and restaurants.

The company's founder, Baia Salukvadze, says that Georgian Product Renaissance has lower prices and higher quality products to compete with Turkey, as they produce similar products.

“The raw materials are cheaper than in Turkey. The Georgian hazelnut price is always 70-80 cents lower. Quality is, in fact, equal to Turkey’s. Priority is still the quality – Germany, the Netherlands and other countries will not buy the products if we do not meet the right quality standards. That is why we make sure our price and quality are acceptable for our customers.” Salukvadze said.

Georgia Product Renaissance, founded in 2013, is located in Western Georgia. The investment totals $1.5 million. In 2014, the company received a loan and a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture's Agro-Credit Project. The co-financing enabled the company to buy all the equipment required for the factory, including crushers, packaging and toasting machines.

Further export market expansion is planned in the future as demand is high for the company's products.

12 October 2015 22:31