New Poetic Translation of The Knight In The Panther's Skin

Legendary Georgian epic poem, The Knight in the Panther's Skin, written by Shota Rustaveli, has been republished in English.

It is the 3rd translation into English, but the first accurate poetic interpretation.

American poet and writer Lyn Coffin has been working on this poem for three years. The author of eighteen books, Coffin, born in 1943 on Long Island, New York, has published fiction, poetry and non-fiction in over fifty quarterlies and small magazines, including Catholic Digest and Time Magazine.

Her plays have been performed at theaters in Malaysia, Singapore, Boston, New York, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Seattle. She is a member of the Washington Poets' Association, Poets West, Seattle Playwrights' Studio, and the Dramatists' Guild.

Coffin first visited Georgia in 2011, and in 2012 she decided to translate the famous poem. Several Georgian experts were also involved in the process.

Coffin discussed her translated work at the Georgian Film Festival in London and this past Monday at Prospero's book shop on Rustaveli Avenue. 

Georgia Today met the poet for an exclusive interview which will be out in this week's edition of Georgia Today. Don't miss it!

13 October 2015 08:56