Noble Partner - U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership

On May 11, the joint U.S.-Georgia exercise Noble Partner - a demonstration of the two countries’ strategic relations - was launched at the Vaziani training area. 

Georgia is hosting the Noble Partner exercise for its first time, which aims to increase the interoperability of the Georgian military with the U.S. units for participation in the NATO Response Force (NRF). According to official information, the military exercise provides an excellent opportunity to enhance Georgian Armed Forces’ capability to contribute to NRF and to deepen military cooperation between the countries.

Nearly 600 Georgian and U.S. military personnel participated in the trainings including Georgian Alpha of 12th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade, I Mechanized Company of 42nd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade and Military Police Platoon. The U.S. infantry combat vehicles “Bradley” and several wheeled support vehicles were engaged in the training.

“This is a confirmation of the relationship between the U.S. and Georgian Armed Forces and the strategic relationship between our countries. Euro-Atlantic cooperation between Georgia and the United States today is stronger than it has even been,” said Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, U.S. Commanding General, Army Europe. He also congratulated Georgia on its Independence Day of May 26 which involved a visit from U.S. soldiers to the oath-taking event conducted by Georgian soldiers.

“We and our partners’ close and worthy cooperation reinforces the conviction that the implemented reforms and contribution to international operations will be followed by logical continuation and Georgia will advance in terms of NATO integration,” Tina Khidasheli, Georgian Defense Minister commented at the closing ceremony of Noble Partner. 

“Joint exercises between the two countries are an important step toward strengthening multi-year military cooperation. These exercises were another example of the fact that the Georgian army was, is and will be a worthy and loyal partner of global security, international peace and strategic friendship,” Khidasheli added.

Giorgi Margvelashvili, Georgian President and the High Commander of the Georgian Armed Forces at the closing ceremony of the training addressed Georgian soldiers: “Remember that your professionalism and enthusiasm are a guarantee for peaceful existence of our citizens”.

“These exercises will advance the Georgian armed forces and the Georgian people’s purpose – to integrate with NATO. I would like to thank all the people who were involved at the highest political and diplomatic levels to ensure that this historic exercises were held on the Georgian ground, but the biggest contributors are the people who wear uniforms today and serve Georgia as well as global peace,” Margvelashvili concluded.

Noble Partner ended successfully May 25 and will be continued in the future, as the United States has been Georgia’s strategic partner through much of its history.

Zviad Adzinbaia

28 May 2015 22:59