Khidasheli Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan

Defence Minister of Georgia, Tina Khidasheli is visiting Georgian soldiers participating in NATO-led “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan. Minister celebrated Georgia’s Independence Day on May 26 with Georgian peacekeepers and held a ceremony on Bagram Air Base in the province of Parvan.

The event was customarily opened with the Georgian national anthem and a minute of silence in commemoration of the Georgian troops that have died in ISAF mission. The ceremony was followed with the awarding ceremony, during which Khidasheli endowed medals of “General Mazniashvili” and General Kvinitadze” to Chief of GLT, Major James Geiger and Sergeant Major Scott Perry for their support in enhancing the military cooperation between Georgia and United States. Thirty Georgian peacekeepers were also awarded with certificates for their contribution in the mission.

Khidasheli was also aired during the oath taking ceremony of up to 200 hundred soldiers in Tbilisi, and congratulated Georgian soldiers on their decision from Afghanistan.

“I am honored to congratulate Georgian soldiers from Afghanistan today, from the place where we prove that Georgia is fighting for global security among other members of the civilized world,” said Minister in a video aired at the leading ceremonies held on Freedom Square in Tbilisi.

885 of Georgian servicemen are deployed in Afghanistan in Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, which makes Georgia the second largest troop contributor to the peacekeeping operations in the region.

Georgian soldiers are deployed in Kabul, Bagram Airfield as well as Mazar-i- Sharif and are mainly concentrated on the duties of security and rapid reaction force.

28 May 2015 23:01