Two Brits Cycling 100,000km for Charity Arrive in Georgia

Meeting Chris and Gabs on a dreary Thursday morning in Tbilisi, it's impossible not to be impressed by their story. Having cycled 8000 kilometers through Europe, they arrived in Georgia, country number 16, one month ago. Starting from their homes in Manchester on July 9, 2018, the first leg of their journey is just the beginning. They plan to cycle 100,000 kilometers through 67 countries, from Albania to Australia and even Antartica - a journey that will take at least seven years.

Before leaving on their journey, Gabs worked on cruise ships making costumes and ran a costume shop, whilst Chris had been adventuring since selling his construction business seven years prior. They have both always been keen cyclists, having previously cycled the Coast to Coast route in the UK, around South East Asia, and from England to Spain. However, this trip had a different motivation. In 2017, shortly before their departure date for a world cycling trip, Gabs was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Luckily, her cancer was discovered early following a mammogram scan which found DCIS, a pre-cancer, in her right breast.

“All I remember after this meeting was sitting in the car park in shock, but thinking its only DCIS, and it’s been caught early so after my surgery, just a few weeks recovery time and I can get back on my bike and start our world cycling tour,” Gabs says.

What in fact followed was over a year and a half of painful treatment, chemotherapy, and a double mastectomy, leaving her too sick to cycle.

“I lost my hair and I felt sick every day having treatment, but Chris was there supporting me every step of the way,” says Gabs. “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Weeks after receiving the all-clear from her doctors, the pair left on their mammoth new world bike tour. The goal of their journey this time is to raise as much money as possible for Breast Cancer Prevent, a cause that is very close to Gabs’ heart due to the support she received from them during her treatment.

“Many people don’t realize cancer can be preventable,” Chris says. “They prefer to just not know about it, but there is a cure!”

So far, the couple has raised £6,000 for Breast Cancer Prevent which will go directly to the charity, as their trip is totally self-supported.

Aside from their fundraising efforts, Chris and Gabs hope to raise awareness on their trip by opening conversations with people about cancer, its diagnosis, and treatment. They have already had interesting personal conversations about cancer on the road.

It’s not every day that you meet a recent cancer survivor cycling up gigantic mountains carrying over 60kg of equipment on her bike, fending off wild dogs, and sleeping in a tent in twenty below zero temperatures.

“When you’ve been faced with death, you don’t know what life is going to throw at you,” says Gabi. “So we are just taking each day as it comes.”

Now, the couple plans to take a few months of well-earned rest in Tbilisi, working on fundraising ideas and exploring Georgia. Not able to sit still for too long, they have already planned a hiking trip from Mestia to Urushguli.

To keep up with Gabs’ and Chris’ incredible journey, you can follow them on Facebook (, Instagram (@worldcycling2) or visit their website ( where they regularly post blog and video updates. Here, you can also donate towards the very worthy charity Breast Cancer Prevent. Remember, all donated money goes directly to the charity.

By Amy Jones

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23 May 2019 16:21