Georgian One of World's Most Difficult Languages

Alongside Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Thai, Finnish, and other languages, Georgian is among the top most difficult languages to learn in the world.

Online platform,, published list of ten languages which are difficult to learn. The website offers insights on global art, culture, food and travel.

The author of the article, Lani Seelinger, highlights that there are few English speakers willing to learn the language spoken by only 4.3 million people in the South Caucasian country.

“To begin with, you have to learn the Elvish-looking alphabet (the word for Georgia, Sakartvelo, is საქართელო), and then the real fun begins. In addition to a very unfamiliar, agglutinative grammatical structure, the very sounds in Georgian will throw English speakers for a loop, as they use glottal stops to make sounds that look like the same sound, for example p and p’ (written as ფ and პ, respectively), but which they hear entirely differently,” Seelinger said.

19 October 2015 14:20