Average Expenses of Russian Tourists in Georgia

The data of 2018 published by the Georgian National Tourism Agency demonstrates that Russian tourists spent 1,326 GEL per person per visit, on average; the expenditure of travelers from Central and Eastern Europe reached 1,888 GEL, while guests from Western Europe on average spent 2,337 GEL, reports Commersant.

1,404.610 visitors traveled to Georgia in 2018, 1,083.874 tourists among them. An individual who spends a night on the territory of Georgia is classified as a tourist. The statistics show that Russian tourists stayed in Georgia for 6.3 days on average last year.

This case has gained great importance in the past few days, since the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, as a result of recent developments in Georgia, signed a decree to ban direct flights between the two countries from July 8.

Banning flights and the expected decrease in tourist inflow from Russia has become a matter of strong debate on the one hand, and a symbol of unity on the other. People from different parts of the world have begun social media campaigns, calling on others to visit Georgia and help its tourism industry, uploading pictures, videos and comments extolling the multiplicity of mesmerizing landscapes and sights throughout the country. ‘Spend Your Summer in Georgia’ is the largest campaign so far, virtually bringing together thousands of individuals who share their incredible experience or expectations with regards to Georgia.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Lonely Planet

24 June 2019 16:36