Irina Milorava: Increase in Consumption in Electricity Sector Exceeds Generation

Irina Milorava, the Chairwoman of the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, has stated that the increase in consumption in the electricity sector exceeds generation.

The Chairwoman of the GNERC presented a report at the Parliament Plenary Sitting and talked about the regulation implemented by the Regulatory Commission in electricity, natural gas and water supply sectors.

According to the report presented to Parliament, consumption of electricity is increasing as it did in previous years. The average domestic consumption growth in the country is 5%. The growth of electricity generation in Georgia is 3.9%.

According to the speaker, nine new hydroelectric power stations were put into operation last year, but the country's energy import increased almost three times, which is a direct indicator of the need to develop local generation, especially hydro.

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02 July 2019 14:53