President Zurabishvili Comments on Recent Rustavi 2 TV Issue

Salome Zurabishvili, the president of Georgia, commented on the statement of Rustavi 2 TV’s anchor - Giorgi Gabunia. Gabunia’s statement, made live on TV, swore off Vladimir Putin and his deceased family members.

“The president condemns one of the TV anchors’ provocative and offensive name-calling of a neighboring country’s leader,” reported the Press Secretary of the President, “the  Patriotism differs from this act and one can’t defend one’s country by causing a mess and destabilization. Our way is the peaceful way, our perspective is Europe and our strength is stability. Dividing the country into 2 groups, encouraging conflicts within and out of the border of the country is inadmissible! This recent move either serves as provocation for a new war or as a revenge for unfinished revolution! Either way, this is an act against one’s country. This person did exactly what a Georgian with dignity should never do. This is what damaging the interests of your own country looks like!”     

By Nini Dakhundaridze

08 July 2019 03:30