Rustavi 2 Channel off Air

As of 2:00 AM Monday morning, Rustavi 2 TV is off air. General executive of the channel, Nika Gvaramia, took all the Rustavi 2 journalists broadcasting the protest off the duty and called them into the building. He stated that, before the safety of the media and personnel is ensured, the channel will remain off air.

“This is not a spontaneous gathering of protestors – this is a government organized protest. Here, we see familiar faces who are constantly played by pro-Putin Government,” reads the statement.

“There is one positive upside to this terrible mistake Gabunia made today. We can now see the Government as clear as the day. The lustration is far better than it was in Gavrilov’s case. The Government of Georgia could not stand an insult against Putin.”

Gvaramia also touched the subject of the protestors’ demands;

“Whatever mistake it was that Gabunia made [while admitting that it was quite big], we will not sacrifice one of our most pro-Western and honorable journalists to please this pro-Putinist mob. No one will resign. This mob represents Russia inour country and as does the government.”

Nika Gvaramia also asked the supporters not to show at the territory and the police to take care of the safety of Rustavi 2’s staff. The ministry of Internal Affairs, in turn, stated that they will maintain order during the protest as well as defend the TV channel and its each member of the staff.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

08 July 2019 04:55